Question about CrystalSkull template

Hello everybody,

I bought a new template from envato, very nice template!

But I have a pb with the header (one of th ebest point of this design), I can read only [layerslider id=“2”]
and I can’t see the slide… Strange because I have imported every files data… I don’t understand.

I guess that this code means that we need an addon/extension, even if I downloaded every recommanded extensions… Could you give me the name of this extension please? Or perhaps, you know why I meet this pb :slight_smile:

Thx a lot!


Ask your question right here as a comments

Hope that item author @Skywarrior will reply to your question.


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Hi @sbprovence,

Glad you like our theme!

We are more than glad to assist you. If you can open new topic in our support forum: or you can shoot us an email to:

Please include admin access to your website so we can check what’s going on. Thanks


Thx a lot Skywarrior!