Question about audio licensing

If I have a podcast, can I use different parts of the song (variations) from a purchased song in each episode of the podcast? Would this fall under “one application” and “one end product”?

You can use the part of the song you like, or entire, in one end product, but you can´t “cut it” and use those parts as new ones in different videos with one license.

Hi, thank you for the help. I am not sure if I completely understand though. So, if I want to use different parts of the song, I will need to purchase the song for each part I want to use? For example, can I use parts of the song as the intro, outro, and other transitions (these variations would always be the same, as in the intro will always be the same, the outro will always be the same, etc.)? Also, would the podcast itself (so not the individual episodes) count as a single application? I appreciate the help!

If you are using a part of the song for intro or outro, or both, and it is always the same, this can be considered as a serie, you can use it 52 times or an entire year, after this you must buy another license.