Question about account and subscription licenses

Hello, I’ve been an Envato Elements customer for many years now, I’ve used the subscription service in the past and never had a problem, it’s good, I’m still using it.

Recently I’m facing a problem with my account, it’s repetitively asking me to change passwords, about 5 times in 2 days, and my account got disabled once because of this issue. I contacted Envato support and they re-enabled it for me and told me that it was disabled because of suspicious behavior, besides of me, apparently someone else hacked into it, I say hacked because I’ve never shared my account with anyone, it’s only me using it from day 1. So after this incident I changed to a quite strong password and enabled 2 factor authentication. Then, after a few hours of using my reinforced account, Envato asked me to change password again. Could someone has breached my strong password and two factor authentication?

Has someone faced the same problem before?

Thank you.

Are you using a computer or laptop to login to your account?

Which most of us do, but have you stopped to consider that your device might be compromised? For example a desktop PC but having no internet security or decent firewall on it, or malware already installed, could equally cause the issues you are describing. I’m not suggesting you have (but some people do) run hacked software on their computers, or they have installed browser add-ons that are supposed to clean their systems, when in actual fact they end up infecting them.

I would suggest if you have not done so already, run a malware check on your own device just to make sure.

Is a good software if you haven’t got something better.

In the end it was my VPN causing the alerts. I was using it to speed up the downloads. No VPN no more alerts.


@sieglufer thankyou for confirming what was happening. Glad it is all sorted!