Question about a hard rejected theme


I have created a joomla theme from an approved HTML one, with the approval from the author. He created a ticket in which he stated that he gives me the rights to make the joomla version. Here is the link to the approved HTML version:

The theme was hard rejected, sending a default response email, with no other explanation so i have made a ticked in which i again stated that the theme was identical to an ALREADY approved HTML and Frank answered to my email:

Hi Hypnothemes,

Good day and thank you for taking the time to contact the Envato Customer Success Team. My name is Frank and I will be helping you today!

I know that this is disappointing news and while we are unable to provide any further feedback, an alternative way to get feedback before submitting it again is to post a screenshot or link on the appropriate Market forum. There are many talented and helpful community members who can likely give valuable feedback to you.

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I know that rejections can be hard because you have put in a lot of effort and time on your project. This doesn’t mean that all of your submissions will be rejected as well. Many of our successful authors have had their share of rejections and that didn’t stop them from working hard until they had their projects approved. So please do not be discouraged. I am sure in due time, you will join their ranks as well!

Best of luck on your future projects!

Warmest Regards,


Here is my Joomla version:

Can someone explain to me why would envato reject a theme since all I’ve done is upload a joomla version of an already approved design?

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Unfortunately, item approval in other categories does not guarantee approval when it is converted.

  • There are several avoidable validation issues in your code

  • (In our view) this is too simple for a CMS theme. It might work as a basic HTML landing page but when it comes to WP and Joomla etc. there needs to be more to it in terms of functionality, features and attention to detail e.g. things like the blog posts being par written just seems unfinished