Quesiton about Theme Options / Metaboxs in premium themes


We are brainstorming some ideas for our first WordPress theme and come across creating Option Pages / Metaboxes problem. We want to solve it with our own Framework which we will maintain and use for other themes/plugins and projects as well. So, we have couple of questions.

1.) Which library you use for creating Theme Options and Metaboxes?
2.) Is it required that the Theme Options integrate with Customizer?
3.) Is anyone still using library like OptionTree?

We created minimalistic inhouse fork of OptionTree sometime ago for other projects. It’s still in works but initial version is available. We rewrote the code into object oriented design and removed the bloat. So registering metaboxes and theme options is now very easy with one class method call. I wonder if we need Customizer compatibility for this?

Looking forward to discuss more on this topic.


Before creating the first WP theme, make sure you have the good design and features for the WordPress theme. Most of the themes at WP category is getting rejected because of the high quality standards now.

Then I suggest to upload the HTML template first. If it’s get approved, you may have a chance ( not 100% guaranteed )

In addition to your questions:
1- Depends on your choice. There’re few frameworks that you can use. ( popular )
2- Not really, no. You can manage the details within theme options panel instead
3- OptionTree is outdated ( 2.6.x version ) - still can be used but you will need to fix the problems on your own and update the framework.

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