Query regarding the modules that are pre installed

Hello sir,
We bought the theme MD delphinus from envato. As i am working on it i wanted a little clarity regarding the modules ,which are already installed .
PFA the list

Discount product page - Mrp Vs Sale Price
Out of stock product page - Inventory Management
Security Plugins - Other than SSL
Robots.txt configuration
SEO Plugin and Performance Optimaztion
Google Tag Manager
Sitemap, for mobile as well
Wishlist feature
Return Feature
Shipping details and order tracking
Social media links
Login/Register/Forget Password/My Orders
Shipping details tracking
Email Notification Of Contact us and Product Delivery
Discount product page - MRP and discounted Price
Offer Pop-up
Discount coupon module - Fixed Discount and percentage discount
Normal sale and payment reports.
Login through Social Media
Payment Gateway
Blog links / Case Studies
Newsletter Subscription
Call to action buttons
Backend Working Test
Product Cloning
Downloadable Invoice.
Please let me know it as soon as possible
Srishti Singh

Hi @prashantrulz,

Welcome to the forums! Please contact @megadrupal, the author of Delphinus theme:


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