Quantity or Quality?

Should we focus on quantity or quality ?

in my opinion, you need to stick to the golden mean between the quality of content and its quantity. Any extremes are bad.

What do you think ?

TBH it really does not matter anymore as buyers are only looking for bargains. Quantity and quality should be a default setting for each and every author without exception. This question is really redundant and should not even factor in discussion. It goes without saying…


Without quality, does quantity even matter?

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Both I guess. It’s a numbers game. A high volume of high quality tracks. Properly priced that is.


Normally I would say quality > quantity but on this platform quantity gets extra weight because of how the algorithm sorts results (by number of sales, not by revenue).

Also it’s worth taking into account that it’s very likely you will end up making most of your money from only a small percentage of your portfolio, so therefore a larger portfolio gives you a better chance to hit the “trending” lottery and have one of your tracks shoot up in sales quickly.

In my limited experience here I’ve noticed 1) that about a third of my sales have come from one single item out of the 70+ in my portfolio, and 2) whether or not a track “trends” seems to have little to do with how good it is.

In fact when I uploaded my first batch of items, the one that I thought was lowest in terms of quality out-sold all the others. I’ve been consistently wrong with predicting which of my tracks would sell well. My highest selling item is a logo that took me 15 minutes to make, which has made me 3x the revenue of any other item in my portfolio including many that took much more time and effort.

So given all that my recommendation would be that quantity is important whether we like it or not. It would be nice to upload 1 track per month and just ride into the sunset but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it works that way, consistency is very important.

I will add that there was one month I hit 30 uploads and sure enough my sales and income skyrocketed for that month. I couldn’t sustain that pace though so I slowed down and sure enough the sales decreased. I can’t speak for anyone else of course but from my experience there has been a very direct and predictable correlation between how often I upload and how many sales I make.


Agree, but you get it completely upside down. You are tuned out of the mass perception. As i previously mentioned in a few posts. Regular people does not have the specialized perception of the audio professionals.What you may consider a great sound/song to them it may sound mundane. They lack the perception of details that you put together as a lego in order to give it a nice, detailed track. So, short story. What sounds bad to you may sound great to them. That’s why you sold the less expecting track. That doesn’t make it bad. Just it tells its own story easier to regular people.


“Trending” here on AudioJungle could either mean:

A) The item is selling well and has plenty of views
B) Authors have “gamed” the system and have falsified the search results

I hope A is true but I have seen too many tracks that have/are trending yet have not made any sales. Authors are desperate these days to sell something at any price and so spamming others to get comments to get an item to trend seems to be popular.

Who knows what the true picture on here is now.


I would say both. And in some way quantity lead to quality too. If you work in the idea to provide quality of course ! So if your main aim is to reach a certain level of quality the only fact to start to make it by producing lot of track will help with this quest ! It’s a long term game in any case !

This is not reliable to give everything in only one track which will be hidden by the amount of other track here. This is some compromise or balance to find

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I mean time, you can make 3 regular tracks or 1 cool track in a certain period of time.

yes, but making a super cool track in a short time is difficult)

there is no doubt about it. when you upload new works, the automatic sales become larger, either new or old tracks are sold, as it is easier for the buyer to see you and go to your portfolio. Automatic buyer see your other works at the bottom (recommended) Also, the tracks fall on the `` more similar item ‘’ but how it works is not known :slight_smile:

I guess since Envato ultimately controls the quality bar, then if you are happy to, and have the ability to curl out thirty steaming turds… sorry, I mean mediocre tracks per month into the market, that just about meet the minimum standard required, you might as well since AJ is geared up to promote this kind of strategy. Spam away. I suppose dignity doesn’t buy Ferraris.

Depends what people consider mediocre. I mean you or I might think it’s a steaming turd but if the customer is wiling to pay for it then that’s really all that matters.

You are correct though it’s highly unlikely any of us will buy a Ferrari from this, stock music is not exactly the quickest path to Ferrari money :rofl:

For me there is no correlation between time invested and the quality of a track or sales. Well actually a lot of times there maybe is because the simplest tracks sell/ do best. Doesn’t mean they are creatively satisfying to make.

Also quality can be done in minutes when you know what to do from experience.


Holy Moly, I’ve found a user here, who has more than 275.000 items online. He’s a member since 12/2019 - 18 months. That means, he uploaded and got approved in average more than 15.000 items per month.
How can one produce 15.000 items a month? That are 750 items per day. It’s an SFX author. I mean, you have to record every item (synth producing or field recording), you need to edit it, you need to upload it, you need to do the administrative work (description, pricing…). How can this be real?

Quality is nr.1!

@Daydreamz-Studios . It was a topic regarding this massive upload. It’s an AJ affiliate/partner company. I believe there is a special agreement between Envato and them. All his media was uploaded at once. I wouldn’t speak more regarding this because i don’t really know the details, but maybe other authors do.