Quality Vs Quantity ?

This question is for experienced authors : should we focus on quantity or quality ? Is it better to work hard on one single track to make the best mix possible or to produce 3 tracks during this given time to make our collection bigger and get more presence on AJ ? Thanks a lot :wink:

for sure you dont call it quality if you upload 20 tracks every month !

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I think there’s a balance. Don’t try to crank out 3 tracks a day and flood your portfolio with garbage, but don’t spend weeks and weeks on end obsessing over the same track.

I’ve found spending about 8 hours on a track over the course of a week is a good balance for me. The 8-hour limit forces me to get things done instead of endlessly adjusting tiny details no one will ever hear, and the week-long time period lets the song breathe a bit. I can come back to it after a day or two of not hearing it, with fresh ears.

I’m not a top author, but my thoughts are that you must understand that every author comes on AJ with different experience. Just look at Pinkzebra, Tim Mcmorris and Soundroll. They come on AJ with huge knowledge and experience. Of course they can work on track one/two week or even month, and they can be assured that it will pay off. If you are not so experienced and you need money as fast as possibly than the best way is make big portfolio in different genres in a short time. Making 20 tracks per month it’s not so bad if you can! Just look at Olexandrignatov. He works fast and his tracks sound cool. So i can call it “quality”. All depends where are you now.

quality is the combination of HQ sound mix and creativity ! you can not have those 2 everyday ! Also there is so limited creativity in AJ ! just type corporate ! they are all the same ! i have one corporate track too and still sound similar to all others !

Agreed. You’ll have to experiment with what works for you. I tried uploading 10-12 tracks a month, but found that my quality was lacking. My sweet spot is around 4-6. Again, that’s very specific to me, factoring in my skill, available time, etc.

That being said, I think, overall, the priority should be quality. Then, figuring out how quickly you can turn out good quality tracks.

Also, ‘quality’ isn’t quite as definable as we would like it to be, but it’s better to start with the mentality of making a good track, as opposed to making a lot of tracks.

Last point: Debating over ‘quality vs quantity’ takes time away from making a quantity of quality tracks! Get to work! :sunglasses:


Lol ! Thanks Guys, you’re right !

The question you’re asking should sound like: "Detail VS Quantity?"
Quality is a must, it should not be sacrificed under any circumstances.
Now, you need to figure out when the level of detail in your track is reaching the point where it becomes irrelevant to average listeners, like, the check list is there and everything else belongs to a higher league. Once you’ve found that point, concentrate on quantity. In my opinion, it applies to stock music in general.

For me it is discipline. You can produce quality tracks, you can do bunch of tracks (quantity), but without discipline you will not succeed.


Completely agree with you Leon.

different from person to person,… i “need” 5-8 hours for a track. Then comes the upload, but i hear my track until the scary envato mail =) for example: when i think after 2 days everything is good with that song, okay, if not,…delete and new mixing. The good thing is when i think after 2 days everything is still okay, the song is since 2 days in the “waiting list” :slightly_smiling:

haha that’s exactly what was happening me. I was uploading tracks and listening to them after a day and taking them back down to fix something. I did it once after 6 days in queue. It could go on for ever :)) now I don’t listen until I get the good or bad email. Though I wish there was a way to fix those small things you see after the song is accepted.
I would like to get the whole process down to 8 hours. Easily spend 24 hours at the moment and longer. I think it is possible with a good template and learning from previous songs and knowing every step of the process well so you can move quickly. Any time shorter than that for me and I think it would be for more simple songs with one or two instruments and no drums.

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hi, u can dissociate these two, u have to offer good products and upload as often as possible , so need or no possibility to chose … anyway, for your self, choose quality if u really want to make a choice , that’s how u’ll enjoy doing what u do and not be ashamed to show what u’ve got in your portfolio … job well done is our deepest satisfaction for our times, efforts and dedication :slight_smile:

Life is about balance. :relaxed: