Quality Standards

i’m creating html template and i want to know which Quality Standards i want to follow?

Refer the link below:

thanks for replying but i already checked this post and i’ts confusing i mean i can’t get any specific things that i want to follow from this article i want some specific things for that.

This file is react template i want to know for html site template. this is not same for my catrgory

Original design and code

Best practice coding and delivery

Versatility and functionality

Premium design, features, functionality that set it apart from something people can download for free

All the requirements in the link shared by @ki-themes around naming/documentation etc.

What do you mean for features cause my doub’t is on this point. when i’m creating html template it’s not a functionality base script it’s just a html design so what features and functionality i can give in my static html template

and other points is clear that you mention thanks for that please clear this point

Not just standard tabs, sliders, columns (still have these)

Think more premium, modern, quality, and add more advanced layouts, bespoke functionality etc.

Don’t just include one version of pages/portfolios/post types etc.

You have to make it relevant to the category eg if it’s multi purpose then you need to offer a range of demos and pages etc that serve that. If it’s a law template then having a pricing table or portfolio is not relevant and so on.

The point is that you need to present and offer something that makes it worth someone paying my for rather than a) downloading a freebie or b) something that mirrors everything already for sale on envato