Quality standard

What can i do right now to this logo to be accepted

this image thumbnail we don’t can see very good.

please upload your image preview (format .jpg) because we can help u, thank you so much.

From what I can barely see on that image your swan looks more like a duck.

I uploaded my image preview

Okey, i’m going to edit it, after that can i submit it?

It really looks more like a duck. Also, I think it would be better to showcase the logo simply on a white/dark backgrounds and then maybe use the mockups. Right now, I get the impression that the item is not about the logo itself but more a showcase of a mockup collection, which is not good.

So, what i have to do right now is to change my mockups only and re-upload it without any modifying in the logo?

The logo still needs modifying in my opinion, like it was said before me it should look more like a swan (if that is what you are going after). Also the “dance school” part is not readable. Maybe increase the font size.


I’m going to modify it and increase dance school font size

hi, as for me i think that u have a collection of problems to deal with, first of all this is a global style one, as the style of what u have done is rather outdated, the time is more likely to be the one of more subjective logos, very often using much the pathfinder and having shapes withdrawn from others. Yours is too “drawn” to look modern and trendy and have thus a way higher potential commercially speaking. I recommend that u think about the execution and make shape more regular for aesthetic purposed indeed, when , right now , what u have is a “drawing” suggesting a “grunge style” which is definitely not matching with the rest, especially the typo part and the classy side vehiculated by it … Apart from this, as for me, i see no reference whatsoever to the purpose of the logo with what u have at this stage, so either u opt for keeping plain and less targeted or u give a more original touch introducing something that is being linked with the supposed purpose of the item, so that people can identify who is the alleged target (in other words: potential buyers) ie: dance school … . Besides the posture of the swan that looks more like a duck or a goose is definitely not appropriate to relate the supposed target with logo , as how would a static swan make people think of dancing? Otherwise, the tagline in a sideway not only makes no sense at all in terms of logics, but this is also introducing some misbalance to the table indeed. This is more making u violate a basic design principle as u are breaking the alignement. I guess u can understand that breaking such a rule is not a good idea comes the time to have your item approved. U have an issue of visibility and impact of the text (which generates a discrepancy between illustration and text), the illustration making sort of a bulky shape in one side contrasting with the old style thin serif font that u have used. Also, try to avoid the previews that are definitely not making your item look good, like the seal one … which makes your logo look like a “pathe”. Still about preview , they are rather underlining that the tagline is not in the right proportion with the rest of the logo as this is almost invisible on a good deal of preview screenshots …