Quality Standard

Hello every one,
my three items has been rejected that mantian with: unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.
Can somebody tell me what quality standard shal I follow?

Thank you.

you have to create new item with high quality to compete with the exist item in your marketplace (GraphicRiver). So, you can check exist items to know the market standard. Hope will help. Thanks

Thank you very much for your good help.

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hi there is a much better for u to get to know what to do , this is to post your rejected things so that we can evaluate your skills, identify what u have to improve and make u realize what u have to rework indeed … generical statements will not take u anywhere indeed …

Thank you for good suggestion.

here are rejected items, want to know my faults plesae. thank for yor attention.

hi buddy, lol do not be surprised, here u cannot sell trademarked or copyrighted materials and celebs are not even accepted as models, even for a simple preview, so u definitely cannot make it with such a material …

It was a very useful answer especially with regards to celebrities. I would not have thought that I would not allow work related to them.
I will learn a lot from you.

thank you

Hello friends again,

still I’m faceing the same reject problem even when I avoid celebs and copyrighted materials.
please help me to find fault to find right field to work on.

thank you all

I do not understand what is it? It is just a picture? A photo effect preset? In which category you tried to upload?

maybe you should start thinking about selling something in this market … something that is needed by buyers, many categories that you can choose, for example, logos, vectors, t-shirts, photoshop actions, design templates and many others. I hope this helps :smiley::+1:

Hello body,
It’s a graphic subject. Uploaded in graphics category.
Is that wrong Item in a wrong category?

Thank you

Hi there,
Logos will be in the graphics category right?
By the way, if I uploud the last Item above in T-Shirt category will approve?

Thank you for your help

It is unlikely to be approved in any category. Spend some time on the marketplaces looking at the quality of items. You need to be submitting ideas on par with the highest quality items available to be accepted in 2019.

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The logo has its own different categories from the graphics category. graphics category has sub categories such as illustration, mockup, background etc.
I think you have an interest in t-shirt design, but I think you need to learn what you need to have when giving your design to get approval. as a reference you can see the design of shirts that are accepted in this market. that way you can measure how likely your work is accepted or rejected.

maybe you can see it here for the latest t-shirt designs:
T-Shirt Newest

Thank you very much friend

Hi Logokamu,
sorry coz of l delayed reply.

Thank you for useful help

You’re welcome buddy :smiley:

Hi there,
I’m still facing the same rejection reason " isn’t at the quality standard required".
Item aws uploded in graphic, T-Shirt category. in ai, eps, pdf and jpg.

please chech and help me to know the right way.

thank you all.

Regardless of category the logo itself is not great especially the typography, and the way it is superimposed on the T-shirt does not look entirely natural

Ok if this is the reason only it can be fix next time.

Thank you body