Quality standard required

Can someone please explain the meaning of “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”, I have had 5 items rejected because of that.

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It means the standard of the items which you are submitting are not good enough for sale here.

If the items are close then you will receive advice. What you are referring to is the generic hard reject meaning that there is too much wrong to be able to provide feedback.

What type of files are they? You can always share demo links here for feedback

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Thanks for your help, DEMO links

With respect there are front end design issues especially with alignment and margins of the second half of info.

Beyond that probably your bigger issue is that I could find similar to this online easily - there’s nothing about it which adds a premium quality or value that can’t be found for free elsewhere. This makes the design quality and extent of features etc. even more important

Thanks moderator,have a few more


Same problems really.

Designs (esp. the first) really don’t help and feel very dated and simple

The info tracker first one: I am noo 100% how useful i is but the info again can be found very easily online for free

The contact form: there’s quite a few design issues and inconsistencies in the design UI even with fonts in different fields, padding and spacing etc. plus if you look on CodeCanyon here are many many items offering multiple different forms types, layouts, features, styling and options all from the same purchase, so an item with just one form on offer just won’t compete

You have really been helpful, my appreciation go to you.

no problem - the ideas are ok it’s just execution. Remember that coding for here is not the same as working in real life, "ok"will rarely be good enough, and always think about

  1. attention to detail
  2. versatility
  3. premium qualities

If you can code properly then maybe look for a designer to team up with

Thanks for the advice, I’ve got tons of people around me who knows nothing about coding and see’s it as magic, besides a hated UI design from onset, you see it’s just me. I’m a Python programmer, but no room for posting Python script here (Envato)