quality standard required

pleaz help me to know what thig i have missig her ? thank you

hi i think that there are several issues that u are facing, the first of all is in terms of style … the thing is that, sorry to say just this, no offense, ok? this is a bit clipartish … the overall style is a bot outdated. There is a real lack of details in my view, as there is close to no shadows indeed. One of these other problems that i am seeing is that the item is offering only one character with a unique posture only … otherwise, to be honest , i do not think that combining the green and blue like this with the shirt and pants is not only not being realistic but this is also not cool harmony wise

no no no offense at all, i appreciate your feedback and your perspective i will try to make new good one next time

no sorry to say just this but u should bette rework this one … i have a long experience to assist guys here and what i can tell u is that in 100% of cases, guys who mention that they will do “next time” actually end up coming back posting hard rejected things in which they have made the exact same mistakes indeed … now , it depends on u , i just recommend for u, in particular as u have a rather nice base to work with , it just needs more work and details globally …

oh and i think that u should either opt for either using no stroke at all or thicker ones … mot thin like this

thank you :), but it say that i can’t submit this item Agen,they didn’t let me space to move forword in this design, so that whay i tell i will make new one, and i posted that one to know what thing i make mistake to correct next time, and from what i understand i need make more details and shadow plus color select

no buddy! they say u cannot resubmit … “unless u bring significant changes” … and in this case u would have for sure … now there is not guaranty that u would necessarily make it with the item all the same, but normally u should not get into trouble by resubmitting … many guys have done or done the same after fixing a lot of things and changing the item substantially

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “doctor woman power stunt pose” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
see thy close the dore for future modification