Quality standard required to move forward

Hi, every,
i made this plugin " https://engacs.pw/demo/plugins/coronavirus_live/ "
but the evanto has been rejected " quality standard required to move forward "
and its my first time to upload so can help what is quality standard required?


Aside from on a personal level I don’t think people should be profiting from circumstances like this

  • where are you getting the data for that? Is is feeding dynamically from a certain source?

  • There’s noting in the nav on mobile, and definitely room for further mobile optimisation

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Data source

Plugin use data from: https://www.worldometers.info
and this Plugin its only widgets

Do you have the license/permission to use their data and counters?

Their website talks about licensing to brands like the BBC so I imagine there are some significant rules and costs associated with using their numbers?

i did not have license,
but i am used for API : https://corona.lmao.ninja/countries

I’d strongly suggest reaching out to the worldometer website and asking for clarity because they are quite clear in their site about licenses and if you got approved and the api you are using was not sufficient then you could face some very serious issues

That aside there are several v credible sources for this info that allows direct embedding (not a hack of sources) which would drastically limit your market

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