Quality standard required in flyer template? >_<

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“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”
explain what is a bad job? What quality standard is needed? :rage::rage::rage:

I understand the frustration, and I’m not entirely sure why your flyers were rejected, but showing other peoples items as examples of something worse than your own isn’t a very good thing to do, so I suggest removing them.

To be frank, I sometimes don’t get the review process because I see so many mediocre or even poorly made items appear on the marketplace every day, meanwhile there are people in the forums, such as yourself, who don’t understand why their items (which actually look pretty good) are rejected.

The only critique I can think of for you is that I think the dates are in a weird and missable position.
Also, do you 100% own the rights to use all those images and decorations in the flyers? If not, then that’s a major problem.

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yes i agree with what u said but if there are supposed right issues, reviewers are suppsoed to ask him to remove items and repost … this doesn not seem to be what happened indeed

@Flyer_Template man , you are going to get your thread closed or part of your message deleted … u are not supposed to point at other people’s items (even if i understand your motivation and / or frustration, besides there are far worst than the ones u pointed at lol and u should rather make sure to slect things which do not have tens of sales to prove what u were showing lol) … are u expecting to get suspended? i am not sure that it will be any better for u indeed if so …
if i really like what u have created indeed, ;ets face it there still some things that can be improved a bit, starting with, as mentioned by Xiox with date things in a general way. In both cases the positioning is not that good and quite frankly, think about, the hierarchy of information not that good either … date is a very important information and one is almost lost since bnot that visible (no contrast), small size and badly placed (for the first flyer). For the second one, the way it looks as regard to date is flat and out of the center, thus not that easy to see in a way …
in addition, for the second one “party” is par of the main title and have a look this is very small, hardly visible and clearly not outstanding, it looks like this is a cmpletely different information from christmas, when this indeed a “whole” > christmas party …
u should have a closer look at your spacing toofor the black flyer, distance between christmas, show and dj are not the same indeed
both footer are slightly flat also, for me this is not a problem but typo issues are huge here and a single footer can lead u to be hard rejected …
but once again i really like what u have done u have a very strong base to work with

@ n2n44 I think the point is not in the information, here are my flyer which was accepted and there is not much text

the one u showed is better organized but anyway , this is up to u to consider or not …