Quality standard rejection

Hello friends i’ve rejected 3 times when i uploading my logo templeates the reason, isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again. please i need help

,i am ready to send the file to give me best structures.

hi i think that there maybe several reasons for the rejection, apart from saturated marketplace and the hard category in which you are posting . The first of then is that this is apparently a u the blue shape on the right, right? the problem is that this is hard to make sure of this at first sight. IN addition, there is an issue of execution and of white stroke or shape substraction making a shape that looks a bit strange and not really following the star shape … and which seems to cut the u a bit randomly … otherwise, the typo part , which is increasingly important here is rather flat , lacking a bit originality, variations and combinations and not matching incredibly well with the illustration part. Besides, there a small issue of imbrication of both illustration and text part with the vertical version. Finally, if i rather like what u made here all the same, look , the logo like this is quite easy for people to redo it and would make save much time to buy it , so they would rather save money and redo, in the end , the commercial potential of your item , as such , is rather limited in my view