Quality or Quantity?

The big question.
Hello. I am newly starting on audiojungle, so i wonder for the starter its better to make a lot of tracks acceptable quality or make high quality tracks but less (coz its time consuming process) share your opinion and jurney please.

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Quality and Quantity.


Every producer should create his work in the best possible quality and an affordable time.
But you can create the best mixed and composed track and still have no sales.

  • by example a track for an oversaturated genre
  • or a niche track, which is too niche

With every track you produce, you need to meet as good as possible the customers expectations. The problem is: You never know the customers expectations. So it’s never predictable, if a track will sell or not. Good quality is a fundamental reqiurement. Perfection is not economical, because you never know, if your track will sell or not.

We have hundreds of thousands audio assets here on AJ and it’s daily growing and growing and growing. The chance to get found by a customer relies nowadays more on luck than on a predictable or plannable workflow.

Since May 2021 the AJ market is closed for new members/uploads. One of the main reasons that Envato has identified, is the lack of quality of the items. This can happen:

  • if unexperienced authors start to make music here and think, it’s so easy to make money with music (e.g. influenced by a lot of social media posts on Youtube)
  • if authors think, a fast growing portfolio is more important than quality tracks

Keep you portfolio growing, but slowly. Spend your time on quality without to overdo it. Keep in mind to work in an economical way.
The rest is pure luck.


If you are competent and have high regard for your work then quality should not be an issue. Quantity helps but a poor quality portfolio will not attract buyers let alone tracks getting approved.


Quantility :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your replies and opinions. To me audiojungle review process is very strict so the tracks accepted are mostly commercially viable and good. The rest is luck. But to increase that luck chance you must make more and more tracks. By making every other track you evolve and learn and improve your skills and music, its natural. Just try to set deadline to yourself and make it some kinda routine. A track per week or a track per day.

Thanks guys!

The issue that Audiojungle has is over saturation of music as continual uploading increases thus renders buyers searching for audio is frustrating. I for one have stopped uploading since having a portfolio consisting of 700 items seems to be big enough, although sales have dramtically stalled this year. Approvals based on luck is not a sensible approach, ensure that the item is of high quality, you should be able to determine this without comparing a best sellers list (too much copying has already happened which makes the audio selection for buyers narrow). If you do not know what a commercially viable track suited for licensing is, I suggest some more research is required prior to uploading.


A nice balance between both.

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@gballx I know, it’s everyones own decision, how many upload one make. But if you write here in a question post regarding to quality or quantity

then someone could this take as a hint to reach the same item count as you. And this would result in an even more growing jungle of audio assets and would bring you more to your right conclusion:

I don’t want to argue with you. I know, you’re a long term member here and your portfolio was growing over years.

In my opinion, You have to keep a Balance between Both


such a topic has already been.