Quality of Service providers declining - service providers not responding

Over the last two months I have created a few jobs but would like to discuss my experience with two specific jobs where I did not receive a response from the service providers. Sure envato offers refunds but that is grossly inadequate considering the time expense to search for the right provider, create a job and wait for a response. In one case I waited for 7 days with n o response and in the other 4 days. Now when the service provider says they get tit done in 2 days it means a response is usually within that window
so when they do not then I question the quality of service providers and how to compensate buyers in cases where providers waste the buyer’s time. How does envato address or penalize service providers in this cases or does envato review and address cancellations so as to improve the quality fo service. At a minimum they should let the buyer know ASAP that they are unable to or unavailable or block booking of their services. VERY DISAPPOINTED.