Quality issue for animation

They said “unfortunately we found it isn’t at quality standard required”. What that mean?

That is what they send when your item is Hard rejected and it means that it is not matching quality they are expecting which is not related to just resolution, format, if stock video then noise and similar, but also about composition, concept, idea. For Soft rejected they usually request some corrections though I didn’t get any Soft reject on VideoHive since I started uploading. What you create needs to satisfy first all the basic standards regarding quality of whether it is recorded with your camera or that is motion graphics etc., and then to bring something new to their market, unique, different, more than just basic design, or basic recording, but some complex creation which makes your profile more interesting to customer and that way making VideoHive more interesting to buyers. Reviewers prefer uniqueness, originality, good concept. Don’t get discouraged, happens to everyone to get that email now and then. Go through newly accepted items on VideoHive, scroll through those pages to get the idea what is expected regarding quality.

Thank you for your detailed answer!