Quality help really deteriorated and logo category quality problem discussion

Hi Guys

for about a year I have noticed that:
when I load the logos, there are often period of times when my logos (good and bad) are accepted all, and times when (good and bad) hard reject all times.

So I contact help for tell it and maybe have explanations

I wanted to open a dialogue to understand why Envato has a big problem of assessment of the logos material, why only in that category?
review team can not swing the quality bar up and down at will. Create confusion for designers.

Unfortunately, although I have asked no preset answers… I got that answer -_-

for about a year I have noticed that there is no way to start a conversation with the support. It makes me realize two things:

  • Quality help really deteriorated
  • Envato is not prepared to deal with the problem, and don’t want to face the problem.

let me know guys if you have this kind of problem with support

As just like I noticed now. Got hard rejected, been watching the latest approved logos and can say that there are really generic ones and really great logos. So my thoughts are that reviewers just approve logos when they have time and reject them when they are busy with work or don’t care.
would be glad to know that I’m mistaken.

I really noticed the same in Flyers category.
Time by time it is happens with my fliers. Hard reject without any explanes. At the same time, I see a very simple and the same type of work, which have approved.
I know that my flyers perfectly organized and meet the quality requirements. I’m not a novice. how to explain it?

I think is not like that (it would be too demeaning)
But, at least, I would like to receive a response about, something that has not happened…

Yes… also for logos.
I get most reject now (five years as a pro) that in my first year of graphics.
I mean, a professional in five years improves, not worse …
It should happen the contrary

Frustrating thing is they just hard reject without any words.

mmh, I can understand that, they have a huge amount of files to be checked.
This is not the main problem. The problem is that:
very often they are inconsistent with judge and have no intention to talk with designers about the problem and improve them.
Thats the point, and this is very bad

I guess when you become so huge like Envato you can sacrifice a few approved logos here and there :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there anything we can do about this issue?

without the desire of both parties (Designer and Envato) to talk about the situation, I see it hard…

Hi, I do not know how to put on GraphicRiver logo, Please help explain … I created a logo, but do not know how to put on GraphicRiver is included in the file to upload … ??? Thank you

I think I don’t understand well you…
Maybe is better if you contact Envato with a ticket

I agree with you. I already wrote about this.
I’m not asking for detailed analysis in the feedback.
Let him make at least 10 templates of letters of rejection hard.

Your project is rejected because
"… it’s too easy"
"… you have not given options for different background"
"… such logos are already on the site, try a different category"
"… the help file is wrong"
and so on

If you want more details - I’ll do
If you need more color options - I’ll do
But let me know what you need ))