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As I’m subsciberd to Envato’s YouTube channel I watched this freshly uploaded video:

The music in this video is clipping at 0:06-7 and then the voulme goes down suddenly (you can hear the distorision perfectly at 0:06 ) I checked the original music by @TimMcMorris and the preview file is normal without any clipping.

It would be nice to double check the quality before releasing/uploading and if it isn’t done correctly this can make Envato lose a pretty big amount of potential buyers (Envato’s YouTube channel has almost 13k subsribers).

I would like to ask someone from Envato staff to make the needed correction to that video and reupload the video…Please also make sure that it won’t happen again in future as it can hurt Envato (in first place) and also authors! Thanks


I wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t have pointed it out!

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Also small distortion at 0.02, but that must be some technical issue with program renderer (Premiere? Final Cut?), they should’ve render it again. Maybe. Not sure.

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Good catch, thanks for letting us know! You’re right, there is a small distortion in the audio that we missed - I think it must have happened in the rendering process of the video. Our apologies, and we’re working on fixing and re-uploading ASAP.

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Sometime the video editor they change the track volume or automation it. It’s ok when they bring it down, but it’ll clip when the bring the fader up. It’s hard to tell it.

Thank you for looking to this…

Yes,there are some sound issues,but I like this video.
It has great atmosphere