Quadro vs. GeForce for AE CS6?


Hi guys,

considering upgrade to AE CS6 I was also thinking about graphic card upgrade, because of all that stuff like ray-traced engine and CUDA support. The question is…should I buy Quadro card (which si pretty expensive) or some better GeForce? I was browsing some of these cards and I have to say, I’m confused. For less money you can get GeForce with more CUDA processors than the cheapest Quadro (which is still expensive). Let’s say I have something like $300 to spend on it. What card would you recommend?

Or should I take $500 and go directly with Quadro 2000? Is it really worth the money?
(I’m not using any other 3D software like Cinema4D or 3D Max…just AE)

Thanks for help!


I had the same question when building my hackintosh.At this time I choose a GTX 470 wich support CUDA and run fine with premiere.If you compare the GTX 470 and a Quadro 4000 the big difference is the price.I m now upgrading my machine and I ve j just buy another 470 to add next to the other one.I will stick with a GTX that support CUDA.
BTW, no connection with future here so I can 't tell you about AE CS6 :slight_smile:


I’d be inclined to go for the cheaper card initially and then if you feel that it’s not giving you enough performance, try to get to test a Quadro.

Most reports on the internet suggest that the difference in price is bigger than the difference in performance. I tend to find that when I go for really high-end kit, it depreciates much quicker. It’s not unusual to go for state of the art and find similar being offered as standard 18 months later for half the price.

BTW I’m using a Quadro 4000 Mac in AE CS6. It works fine and it’s pretty fast and quiet. But seeing as I had an ATI Radeon 5870 before, I can’t really compare because that one has no CUDA.

I expect that once CS6 is shipping we’ll start to see some benchmarks around the web. We could even start our own one here with a test project.


this off course if after effects will not crash every five minutes when opengl is enabled.


In my experience, the whole OpenGL thing is much more stable, much more integrated and much faster in CS6. It’s called Fast Draft in CS6 btw.