Qode Import

Hi! I’m tying to import a Demo from Bridge Theme (Demo 10 -one Page).
The import stays on 20% more than 1 hour and don’t do anything else.
First I uploaded the theme. Installed some necessary plugins the theme required like:
Envato Market
LayerSlider WP
WPBakery Page Builder
Slider Revolution.
And at last, Qode import: Demo 10 - one page.
It doesn’t give any error, but keeps on 20% without doing anything else.
Can you help me?
Best regards

It’s more about server configurations. You may need to adjust the settings

it’s wired.
I explain to you: before doing that, I was working on the same server in other installed wordpress folder .
I always were importing from a backup (files, database, etc.). It worked fine every time, until I broke many things, and now my backup doesn’t have what I need.
So now, I want to start form zero.
I buyed again the Bridge theme and I was trying to install it again.
In my last message I forgot to mention how I did the Qode Import:
I selected --> Impor to Demo 10 - One page, Import type (All), Import attachmennts (Checked). It stays on 20%.
After that I closed the WP dashboard and tried to did it again, but with Import attachments (Unchecked). In that case I stays on 90%. Don’t do anything else.

So, because of that, I think the server settings are ok (It worked fine before).
But which settings I have to review? And from the server o from the WP adminstrator?
Thans for your attention,
Best regards

HI again!
I saw that the php version on server was 5.3 (very old). In my server it’s only posible to update it to the 5.6.
I did it.
After that, importing only the content form the Bridge Demo 10, finished fine.
Now I’m trying to import All, including the attachments (Checked). It keeps on 10%. (not 20% like before).
But I’ll still waiting to see if it continue.
I’ll give you the feedback in a few moments

sorry I answered to the topic, not to you.
Well, at last I could do it by parts more or less.
Once updated php to v5.6 I could import Contents, Widgets and Options one by one.
The attachments keeps on 10% and don’t do anything else.
But doesn’t matter. I’ll will upload my own pictures and videos.
So I think that’s all.
Thanks for your comment.
Best regards,