Qode Bridge Theme - Load time issues

I have purchased the qode bridge theme.

It is having a very low page load time. I have checked the load time by only installing the plugins that came with the theme.
But so sad to say that all the websites I have worked with, that uses Qode Bridge theme, is super slow.

This is so much frustrating when its a factor that effect SEO of a website.
I am so concerned of this now going to 2021, since Google released the core web vitals metrics on search console and as the admin I am getting these notification about usability issues.

The page speed insights tool shows scores less than 15/100 for all the websites that uses Bridge theme.

I have updated the theme to its latest version and tried removing all the unwanted plugins. Also tried lazy loading and deferring CSS and JS. Still no effect on the page load time.

Does any one have any idea on why this theme is taking this much time to load pages?

PS: I have one website hosted in AWS with a decent configuration, but not much improvement in the score.


Contact with your purchase item author @QODE hope they will helped!


Same issues. I hope this theme wasn’t a mistake. I have a lot of time into building the site.