Python VS Php: Which is best for Web development?

This question is worthful and an important discussion point especially for the beginners or the start-ups who want to make it big in the web app development.

Which is best from Python and Php?

Hello @markwilston

We love php joomla so i say php

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While python is very powerful tool and building websites with Django is relatively easy, you’ll have to know much more than just Python to build something useful.

PHP is dedicated to do web, and it has a lot of stuff for you built-in, not to mention wide range of frameworks, libraries, snippets and examples around. It shines at making web pages, blogs, forums.

But startups rarely chooses PHP for App development (almost never). More often you will see static languages like Java/C++/C#/Kotlin. They offer a lot of enterprise tooling, cloud integration and many stuff you’ll always need if your startup will grow.

Depending on startup Python is also one of the favorites but very often when it solves some specific problem exceptionally well like AI, statistics, encoding, load etc.

There is also rapidly growing Node.js with Typescript, you can use all your front end knowledge on the back end, enormous amount of libraries and easy to prototype new ideas.

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