Puzzled over licence type - after seeing different prices elsewhere for same product.

I want to purchase the PHPSocial script. However as CodeCanyon marks it as not supported, I was searching online to see if anyone else DOES offer support.

In doing so, I found other sellers of the script WAREZ LINK REMOVED

They seem to be selling the same script BUT at a different price and there SEEMS to be no extra charge if you want to be able to charge members a fee (or in our case, reward a donation).

So, I am confused as to why the same product has different licence fees depending on where you buy it - and if the product is genuine from both sellers.

I realise my question is probably very “noob”, but in trying to find support contacts, I have now found other sellers of the same product at different fees - so unsure which sites (or if all sites) are genuine or if some are illegally selling?

Apologies if these are foolish points, I simply want to purchase the script and know I will not be totally unable to get help if I need it - and also to know I have bought the right licence. The “other place” seems to want just £7 for the licence with NO option to pay for extended. I am baffled.

Seeing clarity!

The one you found is distributing illegal copies

This is not allowed, but for reference it also means no support, so updates and quite possibly malware

Depending on the item/author you can see if they are exclusive or not to envato. If they are then items will not be (legally) sold anywhere else.

What is the link (on CodeCanyon) to the item?


Well at least this is starting to make sense. I have no problem in paying the full licence fee, but was just getting very confused about what was going on.

As for the Code Canyon link, it is here - phpSocial - Social Network Platform by lunatio | CodeCanyon and you will see here


that it says there is no longer support from the author - which troubled me a little as I was hoping to find out if someone with no PHP ability (I can get someone to install to a server for me but that’s about it), can make this work properly.


Incidentally, when I tried to “play safe” and purchase it from the https://phpsocial.com/ website, it bombs out with a site not found error when it tries to take me to


You can perhaps start to see my confusion.

That item was updated in early March this year which is generally a very good sign, but it is over 7 years old so you would think that it may need ongoing updates in the future potentially

They are an exclusive author so buying the item from anywhere other than CodeCanyon would be in breach of the license.

For reference “installation” is not covered by envato’s support policy. Often authors would be likely to be willing to help but technically there would be no obligation Item Support Policy | CodeCanyon

Thank you.

I am still a little puzzled at the relationship between the Author, (Lunato), Envato and Code Canyon but I am guessing providing I buy from Code Canyon, everyone is going to be happy. That works for me.

Do you happen to know if the standard licence is all that is needed if people can use the system for free but still donate if they wish - or does that have to be an Extended version if any contributions are accepted? Again with no support option, it is not easy working out who you ask.

The installation doesn’t worry me too much as I have a friend that has said he can install it if need be - but I just need to know if I need to be able to understand PHP to do customise things like settings, logo changes and so on. There seems to be no trace of a manual, so hard to guess what is needed.

I can work out most things - just NOT a PHP programmer.

Thank you for your comments so far - I just need to know if knowledge of PHP is necessary and which licence I need and I think I am “good to go” providing PHP knowledge is not required.

Envato - own the marketplaces including CodeCanyon and issue the license.

CodeCanyon - one of envato’s various marketplaces dedicated to scripts etc.

Author - owns the item incl. copyright and is responsible for support updates etc.

In this case - the author does not support the item BUT by buying it on envato you will have lifetime access to any updated versions they release at any point.

It sounds like a regular license will be fine. Just bear in mind you will only be able to install it in one location/website

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Brilliant, thank you for your patience and help :slight_smile: