Putting meditations with music from Envato on spotify

Hi! Can someone please help me out here?

I am a meditation instructor, and I use Envato to create meditations. Usually, I will download 2-4 tracks, cut them up, and use them in my tracks. I want to start putting my music on Spotify, but I am not sure if this violates policy? My gut says it does but I honestly have no idea. Essentially the music from Envato is the background of my vocals.

Any feedback would REALLY help

Hi Sam.

Maybe @BenLeong might be able to help us with some clarification on this. If not, definitely submit a support ticket for an answer, although it might take a little while for them to get back to you. Either way, it would be useful for us all to know, so please do tell us what the official answer is when you get one.

My gut reaction too, was definitely no, you can’t do that. But looking deeper into the FAQs of the licence, it’s not quite clear to me.
There is a specific example in the licence which says “Example: You can use a relaxing music background to underscore your guided meditation voiceover recordings, and sell a CD of this to your spa customers.”

Selling individually produced CDs to individual customers is one thing, but claiming music streaming revenue does feel like a stretch, although in theory it is the same principal. The licence covers YouTube streams, so why not Spotify?
I feel like there aught to be certain limitations on streaming audio-only end products if there aren’t already.

When I read your post, I picked up a bit of a red flag when you referred to your meditation tracks as ‘your music’, because the music part of your product is owned by the Audio Jungle authors who sell you the licence to use it within your product. I’m sure you know that already, but just sayin’.

As an author, one concern that I would have with this is content id, since some music streaming distribution services have content id features built into them.

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Great question! I don’t know the answer unfortunately, as I’m not sure about the nuances of how Spotify streaming would fit in to our existing license types.

Please do open a support ticket (via the link in @criskcracker’s post) - I’ll let our Legal team know as well, as they’re always keen to find out more use cases where our licenses might need clarification.

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I join this question.
Several times I received letters to my email address with questions about this.
But I didn’t know how to answer them.
We are waiting for clarification.

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In my opinion:

  1. If this is a typical meditation voice over and you use it is as a kind of meditation podcast, it is ok.

  2. If it’s a new musical track with singing or musical artistic kind of recitation, it is forbidden.

  3. Using standalone track is forbidden.

Though you can always open a ticket.