Purchasing the template Bridge

Good morning, I am currently modifying the website of a client, but when analysing the structure of the site I realised that the template he was using did not have the purchase register.

I asked the client that if he had the purchase record to which I commented that I had no knowledge that the template he was using had to have a purchase record.

Currently he is asking me to buy the template and put this purchase record to the template that he is currently using. Do you know if this generates any conflict with the template that he already has in use on his website?

I can’t communicate directly with the template support because it is a requirement to have the license purchase number.

This is the template that my client currently has

It’s okay to buy a new license if you have no access to the old one

It does not generate any problem or conflict if I buy a new license and register it in the template that the client already has on his site, is that correct?


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Thank you very much for the help, I appreciate the time you took to answer.