Purchasing music

I am new to AJ. I found a audio bite to buy. It states There is a license price next to it of $19. Do you have to buy a license to use? So to use this one item it will cost $19? Looking for the cheaper items I suppose.

Yes, you buy a license and the price depends on usage. The cheapest license is 19$ for full length track.

Hi ! Price depends on License type and duration of musical track. About Licenses read here :

hi, normally the price depends on the usage and license , u can normally use the track that u buy for one project only and as long as u do not “resell it”

Yes 19$ is the minimum price (some songs can be 15$), the license is explained under the price. In my opinion, 19$ is really affordable price when talking about licensed and legal music for videos… :wink:

Hi Ldeppe. Try to find short piece of audio that will fit your needs, wich is loopable, so you can save money