Purchasing Music tracks

Hello. If i buy a track, can I reuse it over and over as an introduction to different video links by purchasing it once? Or do I need to purchase the track more than one for each video link that I use it? Thanks.

Hi @Trimbab123 ! Any music license for a track provides for 1 video project (1 license = 1 end product), or 52 episodes of a video series.
Good luck!

You’re better off with other sites that give you a perpetual license esp if you’re just starting out. This pricing is crazy!

The price cannot be crazy and the price is set by the author! Normal people understand this!

Yes, you are right (in your own way), there is no need to break in an open door!
Good luck! And good luck to you on other sites! :slightly_smiling_face: I prefer to communicate with adequate people! :slightly_smiling_face:

Why thank you!!! I found plenty that do offer perpetual licenses. Price itself is not crazy per one use. You are correct about that. But if you want to reuse the song, then you have to pay for each use, isn’t that what Envato wants, not the composer? that way Envato makes a portion each time a customer re-purchases the song. I’m a graphic designer myself, I wouldn’t have an issue creating something and having others reuse it with a single purchase-adjust the price according to time spent on the project not this $20 BS price, and let them use it perpetually.

PS. I wasn’t communicating with you but the customer above you, but thanks for butting in :slight_smile: .

No, I received a message from you. Thanks for your message and all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have already said that the author sets the price himself! The price does not depend on your wishes! :slightly_smiling_face: