Purchasing as an affiliate

As an affiliate whenever I purchase an item while logged into my account is that item counted as an affiliate purchase? Or are affiliates not allowed to purchase from themselves? Seems that if I’m logged in and making purchases as an affiliate there should be some reward. Otherwise I’d have to set up an affiliate ad on a site, click it, log in to purchase the item as myself… Doesn’t make sense. Hopefully I’m wrong and just confused.

Any responses appreciated.

Has it really been 4days without a reply? not good envato! not good at all!

Hi @marvc - @emile_b will be able to help you out with more detailed information, but I know that the Affiliates team has been flat out working on some major projects this week.

There are a few different issues here: If you’re an author, self-purchasing items is definitely not allowed (see point 4 here) as it can unfairly manipulate the trending/popular/top selling rankings.

If you’re not purchasing your own items, you can definitely purchase via your own affiliate link - however, the current Envato Market affiliate system pays for new customers (a percentage of their first cash deposit, or first purchase - see the Affiliate Terms), so you wouldn’t be earning referral income from those purchases.

Hope that helps! Check with Emile if you need more detailed information.

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