Purchasing ACCIO Wordpress theme

The links for author contact form was already filled up by me several times, but there is no reply received yet from them.

It is very sad that I am in strong willingness to get the theme purchased, but the author has no concern about it.

The story goes like this: I want to purchase the Accio theme again which I had purchased a long time ago. Now, I want to repurchase the same theme just to make sure the WPML support is included into the new theme which is my primary requirement. If I don’t receive assurance then I couldn’t proceed with the purchase as it would be wastage of time and money for me. Hope you understand and help me out to contact the author very soon.

Can someone help me on this ASAP?

Thank you. Regards


if you go to theme page:

in right sidebar you will see:
Compatible With: WPML

Also if you like to get confirmation from the theme author you can ask by posting comments of your pre-purchase query in the above page.


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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

I have posted my commented over the theme page and now waiting for someone to reply further.

Thanks a lot

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Is there a way where I can speak to them on phone? or any Skype ID or something which is really quick to sort my query?

Please let me know

I am not sure who are your concern people/team. if you need to contact Author support then you must have to contact through theme page then Support page or using theme commnets or you can send them email going through author profile page then use the right sidebar contact form.


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I tried every possible options, but there is no response yet

That’s what worrying me as I am in hurry to purchase the theme but can’t