Purchasing 100% GPL Themes

Hi there,

I just made an account. This is my first time shopping for themes, so I’m new to all this.

I’m a subcontractor, helping to make a new site for a client. (I have no contact with the client, my boss does.)

I have a new Wordpress and dummy domain set up because they didn’t want the current site purged or messed with.
It’s like: http://sitedraft.org
I will need to transfer domains to the new one and their old site will be demolished after everything is done. So it will turn into https://site.org.

In shopping for themes, on other marketplaces, the one-domain license thing concerned me and I was afraid it wouldn’t transfer.
So I’ve been looking at 100% GPL themes on here. I know they say they are for a single site, but I’ve seen people on other forums say you can technically use it again because it is 100% GPL.

I have two questions: (again I’m very new to this. This is my first job doing all this.)

  1. Is a 100% GPL theme a one-time payment that I pay for so I can upload it to Wordpress? Or would it be something the client would have to pay monthly/yearly for like some themes.

  2. When the domain name transfer happens will the worst happen and I lose all the work I did/ will the theme be disabled ect. ?

  3. Am I wrong about 100% GPL themes? And if so can someone explain it all to me better?

I think that’s all I need to know. I’d appreciate any answers here. It’s a bit confusing, being all new at this.

Thank you.

There’s only small difference. Within GPL, you can use the source code ( HTML/PHP ) as much as you want ( even you can re-sale these codes ) but to use the other items such as JS/CSS/Images, you need to create your own or purchase another copy if you’re giving the theme someone else.

Check this link for details

Even with 100% GPL, your license is valid only for 1 website. So nothing changes from that aspect.

The license (Purchase code) determines support and updates, this is what matters.

So register the license (purchase code) on the final website and you should be good. Worst case scenario, contact the theme author and tell them the change of domain (from dev to production). I accept such requests from my customers and pretty sure most authors provide the same service.