Purchases & sales per month – useless info



All authors can see an info like this (in their portfolios):

Purchases: 84 (21.00 p/month)
Item sales: $3,449.20 ($862.30 p/month)

The numbers in brackets come from a simple dividing of total sum by number of months. However the sales of most items on the market are not linear and not permanent. The sales have a hyperbolic nature, not linear. Such calculations completely meaningless, and should be removed or replaced with something relevant e.g. estimated sales in current month.



the sales are completely random! :smile:
i agree these stats are completely useless

we definitely need an aggregate page with all views / referrals for all the items at once. so we can understand what people are looking for in our portfolio…


If I ever need a business loan, and the bank asks me my average sales per month, I’ll tell them that “Sales have a hyperbolic nature, not linear, so monthly averages are completely meaningless.”

I’ll let you know what they say.