Purchases a new activation code?

Hi Envato Team,

I took over from a previous co-worker his job. Now I have some following questions:

Where can I find on your page the previous invoices?
So that I can check which tools we have already in use.

Where can I find the activation code?

I need for a new partner project “The Gem Theme” . Do I have to buy a new activation code for it?

The website is at the moment under construction. You can find it under the subdomain


If soon the website is ready for relaunch, it will replace our previous website https://www.atp-sustain.ag/

Thanks a lot for your help

Best Daniel

Yes, you have to purchase a new license. each license will be valid for a single end product.

Wow you guys are quick. thanks a lot. Everything is already settled. I just bought a new license. And yes I am looking forward to work with you together.

Please close my case. :slight_smile:

Best Daniel

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