Purchased theme with included WPBakery page builder, then purchased license for pagebuilder, cannot activate it


I need some help badly. I have installed theme Nimva and it came with WP Bakery visual composer as part of it; I have never been able to get to the Page Template Library in order to actually install a template, as it tells me to activate my WP Bakery Visual composer first.

Whenever I click to Activate it, I get redirected to a page that only says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

Thinking that this was purposely done to force people to purchase licenses for WP Bakery (because let’s face it, many developers do that), I went ahead and purchased a license, downloaded that newer version of WP bakery and uninstalled the plugin that came with my theme, then installed the one I just purchased.

I still get the same error message when trying to activate my WP Bakery visual composer.

www.thenutritionatrix.com is my site.

Please offer any guidance. I have seen this similar issue on a couple other threads, but none offered solutions that apply to my case.

thanks in advance

You should contact the developers of the theme about this issue. Also, I highly recommend you do not uninstall the bundled WPBakery plugin, as this will remove any compatibility changes or custom elements from the plugin.

The developer will be able to give you instructions on how to activate the plugin, though you definitely shouldn’t update it once you do.

Support for WPBakery is at the link below, but I highly recommend contacting your theme’s developers first since the issue was present there before.

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Thank you. I have already also reached out to them and have not yet gotten a reply. I was hoping someone here might have some experience with this problem, but it does look like the developer will need to deal with it inevitably.

No problem!

There’s a lot of different reasons that error may appear, but I don’t want to start giving off random suggestions without knowing the exact problem. Looking through Google, it seems that the theme developer has had this issue occur before with various themes, so it is more likely they’ll know what’s going on.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem. Bridge theme bought, wpbakery page builder active, but when I try to use it, I am redirected to wpbakery license page asking me to pay.

Have you solved it?. My support time with the bridge theme is over, so I cannot ask them directly.

Thank you so much.

You don’t need to activate or register the plugin for it to work.

Bundled plugins work fine as intended without that functionality. Any updates will come via the theme author https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

Dear @charlie4282, thank you for your quick answer. The plugin is already active and I have Enabled WPBakery Page Builder for all pages, posts and custom post types in all roles.

I can even see the wpbakery buttons, and add new elements, but when I click on wpbakery page builder, it redirects me to the plugin page asking for suscription.

What are you trying to find in that link?

The plugin looks like it is all fine and working?

I am so sorried, I thought in this link there would be a final and editable preview where i could adjust the website visually almost just with the mouse.

Then, the Bakery Page Builder icon haven’t got any functionality?

Thank you @charlie4282.

I believe that icon goes to the plugin admin site where there are updated etc (not part of bundled plugins).

You can go ahead and edit the page there and if the author has actIvated it then you could try front end editing when you launch the page s

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards.