purchased theme and lot of troubles - No Refund ?

i buyed the “avada” theme and after installation on every parameter i try to change i always get errors like “There a problems” and so on. Calling the support, which wants to have access to our site. Every day they claimed that login to our site is not possible and that there are some additional security features which do not allow them to logon. We checked with our provider and tried from different terminals and different Os’s like win 7/8/10 and Linux but we can’t reproduce the error.

Today i received a mail in which i was told that they are using some incognito mode on their browsers and the problem is our webspace. So what?

Calling for money refund i was told to read the refund policy from themeforest.

I gave up on support and it seems that the money is burned.

Before buying avada really double check what you are doing.