Purchased Subscription with wrong login

Hello, I just purchased a subscription for 1 year using the wrong login. I have since cancelled about 3 mins from buying it. Then purchased again using correct login. I am looking for a refund on that other account and just want to make sure it gets to the proper channels to happen. This is for envato elements subscription for 1 year.

It was really hard to tell if I was logged into the correct account when I ordered. I logged in prior to my other account in themeforest and I often switch for clients.

Please contact me with next steps or how long this refund will take to my account. Thanks.


Stay touch with envato elements help center they will solved your issue.
Until that do not download anything.


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I didnt download on the account that was cancelled.
I did on my other account which I also purchased.

okay then wait for support team reply they will solved your issue.
No worry.