Purchased song & download was copy of preview.

Never did get my music I purchased. Kept trying hoping it would come thru but it was the 2 min preview with woman saying AudioJungle constantly. Super frustrated tried for 4 hours. Got message I could not download my song again. Already downloaded it 20 times. Never did get it downloaded. Tried to ask for help. Got a message they’d get back to me within 10 days. I don’t have 10 days. I was planning a podcast tonight but canceled since I didn’t get my music. AudioJungle has no customer service no phone. No email. Refund my money. I’ll go somewhere else. Sorry I tried AudioJungle. I will put bad reviews everywhere especially where they’re recommended. They might have been good in the past. But this purchase was the worst nightmare yet. I don’t have time for this BS. Call me if you have the song I purchased 2174735412 cJSavage

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Sounds like the author made a simple mistake - contact them and they should be able to send you the correct file. Here’s how: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author