Purchased Rights of Song - Content ID still not lifted on YouTube after 2 Weeks

Hello I purchased rights for your song Firestarter on Envato/Audio Jungle, content ID claim hasn’t been lifted, going on two weeks

SLPLS1 - Discussion on Firestarter Rock Smash | AudioJungle

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You better work on improving support, other people complaining on the comments section as well!

Not right right for someone purchase a license and offer such lousy support.



Indeed, two weeks is abnormally long. Have you contacted the author? They have an obligation to assist you if something goes wrong. Sure they don’t reply to their comments, but maybe if you reach them through the contact box on their profile page, you’ll have more luck.

Have you tried clearing the claim directly through AdRev, instead of disputing via YouTube? When you provide your license there, the claim is usually cleared within a few hours.

You may also want to contact Envato support to let them know.

Hope you get it sorted out!