Purchased product contains major issue.

Hello Dear,
I bought a laravel and react applications to start my business. But it is containing a major issue. I contacted the Author and they said, they noticed it and it will be fixed in the upcoming release but they can’t say the exact date.

I am really worried about it and can’t go live with my application.
What should I do now? Would you please suggest me a solution?

Thanks a lot.

Two options: you can wait for the item update or request a refund.

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But I bought the project with support package. Could I do a favor to ask them to solve it in my environment quickly?

If it is any technical issue then author should assist you.

But you mentioned in your first post it is major issue (bug) of the item functionality. So, you will need to give them time and author should fix the item as quickly as they can. otherwise you can ask for refund.