Purchased music doesn't sound good

i just purched sound trak and it dosnt sound good,
a lot of noices,i cant use it right.
what can i do?


So it sounds different from the preview?


This is weird, all music have to pass review before it’s made available on Audiojungle. The purchased track must have the same quality as the preview, if not it would just be rejected.

What are you playing the track on? In the odd case, that this is not an issue on your side, but indeed with the music track itself, you’ll want to contact the author via their profile page, or Envato support.


Have you tried to listen to it on a different device or headphones? Maybe the track is fine and the equipment might be having a problem? I don’t know. I am just posing a thought to consider. Good luck🍀 And I agree with the other person who said contact the author if it is truly the track that has the problem. Sorry.

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