purchased licnce not getting activated

i purchased this and tried to instal…

i get error

Welcome to the UCM Installer

Temporary Error With License Code. Please click back and try again.

If you require support, or assistance installing this item, please send in a support ticket here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/

but no support from seller either… any solution ?

even many pl in comments section complained same error but no response

Hello, @ganeshragavan

Have you tried to reach out to author for support?

@dtbaker are a very experienced and highly regarded author - check their support


hey thats the 1st thing i did …but no response…also i saw in comments section 3/4 people already complained similar issue but no reverts…email support is also closed by the esteemed seller…
so wanted to know how to handle as no support available

Hello, @ganeshragavan

Let’s just be patient for, you asked a question 21 minutes ago.


yes i just posted…but ppl had posted earlier also similar complaints and many issues reported in comments section went unreplied/attended for ages…

so wanted to know other solution from users-experts as it doesnt seem seller respond/support/provide solution

Hello, @ganeshragavan

I’m sure the author will answer all questions. There are many factors, timezone, holidays, and weekends.

@dtbaker are a very experienced and highly regarded author!


no replies…regret buying a abandoned product…felt can use and manage without support but even basic installation error is not attended…i saw in ucm forum in 2014 it was complained same issue and author rectified at his end…

Following may be possible reasons:
-Generally, author receives too many emails so sometimes they miss it,
-your email may be in spam folder.

  • Recently, I faced a strange situation with a buyer: He sent me support request via email but when I tried to reply , I notified that his email is not configured to receive mails. So check you email is working :wink:

I have no issue with my mails or mailbox…there are ppl who have raised same issue 3days back itself…none got issue resolved…not even his twitter, fb returned replies …basic installation itself error and doesn’t support

I have to agree with OP. It looks like support for this product has been discontinued. I am also getting the same error when trying to install. It’s a $64 product - is Envato going to refund? Or, is the author going to reply to people about the errors?

Make refund request…worse is u got to wait for 5 days for envato to review and take a call… raise a refund request and follow it up