purchased items and verification link



I’m in need of some help. I bought a track from audiojungle and after five hours i’m still waiting for the verification email with the download link. The sum has already been processed via paypal, but i still have no music and i have to deliver the finished work tonight!
Somebody can help me?
Should I ask a refund?



Same issue here…


Having same issue as well.


Got the mail few minutes ago.



Good to hear you have received the email, you can always try looking to your download page http://audiojungle.net/downloads maybe the item is already there.
Maybe the emails were delayed due to high demand or something similar.


Hi, the download page was showing me the “wait for the mail” notice and nothing else.
Well at least i got the music! Now back to work.


I have too paid the money through paypal but never found the items still in my dashboard. Why???