Purchased item not available to download


I had purchased the “T-Shirt eCommerce - T-Shirt Designer” script through themeforest,
everything was available in the downloads section.

Now it is not available to download, how do I get the script which I purchased??


may be there are any specific reason to remove the Item. More info here.


maybe specific reason to remove the Item.
you can remove it for future purchase

but once I purchase it,
it should be available for download forever

In your download page you will see a notice like this:
You should download your purchases immediately as items may be removed from time to time.

Envato recommend that you;

  • Download your files immediately after purchase.

If the item you purchased has been removed and is no longer available for download, you may be asking can I get a refund? Make sure you refer to our Envato Market Refund Rules to check if you’re eligible for a refund.