Purchased file with Alpha Channel but mov goes black in mp4


Sorry I am total newbie. Searched but could not find answer.

I bought a motion graphics that has an Alpha Layer. I tried to convert it to mp4 with Miro Converter but it goes black.

I want to use it for a web background. I want to pull it into After Effects, put a nice background (fixed not video) behind it.

Thanks for any help!


Just import the .mov file you bought into After Effects, add your background and then export your project to .mp4 file. Do not convert the file to .mp4 before its editing.


Ya! As GGv says, Do not export it at first…
Fist go to After Effect and Change your background as you wish then export it…
Recently After Effect has removed .MP4 exporting… You can use Adobe Encoder CC to make it in MP4…

If you need to know more please replay with your question I will try to help you.