Purchased Error. Help !

Hi all,

I just made a purchase for a theme. After purchase and redirect me back back to envato download page, it shows error " 5c26b4c56589eba6c6e2ee9c438d71b4 ".

Current situation : the money have been deduct on my account but in envato download page shows that I didnt made the purchase yet.

Here is my ticked id : 411353

Receipt no from paypal that I received : 4248-0153-3662-2073

Anyone from support please help . Urgent request. Thank you

sorry, forget about what i wrote first , i am not awoken enough lol well i think that there’s nothing that u can do apart from waiting for the help center anyway. There’s a bit of waiting for sure and this is not convenient for people sometimes, but this is a lookalike technical issue and i guess that no one can fix it apart from them …

Thanks for your reply . Well i dont really mind if its about something else but this is regarding purchase and i cant even received the file yet but the money have been deduct plus its really urgent for me within today.

i am deeply sorry for you, for the inconvenience that u are going through , but i think that the is unfortunately very unlikely that u have a way out of your problem in such a short term … especially as i tend to believe that no one can really help you but technicians from the help center … and i guess that no matter what u are very unlikely to be put on top of the queue, no matter what, no matter if u have emergency r these sorts of things. I just hope that they can tell you what’s going on and solve the problem for you as soon as possible …

No worries! I know it might be frustrating however these things happen! I am more than sure Envato Support will assist you and sort it out for you!