Purchased edental template.. Calling all programmers ..help

Hi I purchesed a template from here called edental. I have redo the site twice spending hours. After building it the site never worked right. I had updated the Wordpress and installed plug ins so it was possible maybe that it effected the template. I gave them my log in info and we reinstalled everything but the tea plate still has the same problems. I have already been pay in dental work for creating this site. I wondered if anyone else is having this same issue or what you would do? I need to have a working website. The photos are blurry on the ipad case they are not optimized and the scrolling for parellex is not working and the post formating is messed up.
I really need to make a new site for myself to get some work. Anyone want to donate one to me. I want my make a recipe book and they had to pay my square reader to enter. Anyone know how to do that? If so I could sell more sites like that,