Purchased Avada without Avada Template that I want

I accidentally purchased Avada today and then realized I should have bought the Avada eComm template instead. How can I get the eComm template without buying Avada again? This is the one I want. https://avada.theme-fusion.com/landing-product/

Hi @TF2016bwc,

You have purchased the correct one. In your purchased theme there are many theme demos included, just you will need to import the correct one ( Landing Product Website). If you check the live preview there you will see 92 demos and within them you will find ‘Landing Product Website’. You have to import that one ‘Landing Product Website’ demo.

you can check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


I need to update a client’s Avada site to the latest version. I understand that a staging site can be used for testing. I have made a staging site but the key won’t won’t work, can’t update. The live site is registered Your Website is Registered. On the staging site I get this, Register Your Website. The purchase code is already being used on another staging domain. Not sure how that’s possible. Can someone help me out here?

Hi @TF2016bwc,

Log into your support account at Theme-Fusion, and navigate to the purchase codes tab to see the details of your licenses and the domains registered against them, however if you don’t see any license or domains listed there, you have the freedom to assign any of your purchase code to any domain from the scratch, this will not cause any issues with your site at all.


I’ve attached a screen shot here. The live domain is active, the staging is not as you see. If I click on the Register button on the staging site will it effect the live site in anyway?
Do I have to unregister the Live site?

It should not when the site is live because by doing this some features may not work.
Try to add a staging site otherwise contact theme author for their support on staging site.


A staging site is already running but Avada won’t update because it’s not registered, only the live site is. I’ve done as you said yesterday and included a screen shot in my prior email to you. I want to know do I have to unregister the live site or leave that alone and register the staging site for testing? If I do that using the same license key will it effect anything?

try to register the staging site for testing using the same license key. for any further help contact theme author.

There is no theme author. We didn’t use a pre-built theme. We made our own.

I mean author of the theme Avada.

There is no author. We make our own using no templates.