Purchased a theme for client and then deleted it from the client website since client did not like it. Can i use the same theme for another client?

Take for example I have purchased a theme and I have used it for a website but my client did not like it. So I have deleted the theme from the website.
Can i use this theme for another client?

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if you didn’t registered the theme license for your first client website then you can use the theme for your new client website. otherwise to use the theme for new website you have to unregister the theme license forst then you can use for other client.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

I have one more query. I have seen multiple demos in some themes.

What is the benefit of having multiple demos when I can use only one of those for each time I purchase a theme? Take for example addison theme. There are 5 demos in it.

Or is it possible that I can use each demo for each different client?

you can but for each each different client you have to purchase individual license.

Author included many demo version because different customer will like different demo based in their website requirements.

Hello, coincidentially i have the same situation of CyberSujith. I have purchased addison theme one client, but he ddnt like it so i deleted it. As you have mentioned above regarding the un-registration, please mention the steps to unregister it, so that i can use it for other clients.

you have to contact your purchased theme author. theme author will be happy to check it and help you.

Thanks you, will check with them.

how do i unregister the theme , if it has be deleted before installing another theme

in this case only theme author can help you. because have to do it manually using author support systems.

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how do i get them fix this for me , because it frustrating
this is the message i get “Code is already registered for other domain”

contact your purchased item author. they will take care this. they will ask you purchase code to verify.

okay thanks , will come back for any help